WhirlyBall Car
WhirlyBall Car
Located inside PowerPlay Entertainment Center South

WhirlyBall Rules

Play Rules

  • Fasten your seat belt.
  • Stay in your WhirlyBug at all times unless directed by your referee to leave your WhirlyBug.
  • Do not use your hands to retrieve the ball except when the ball falls inside your WhirlyBug.
  • Always keep hands above the bumper.
  • Your scoop is used to pick up, pass, and shoot the ball.  Please do not use your scoop to slap another player’s scoop, body or WhirlyBug.
  • Never, ever let your scoop gets crushed! It is an eight point penalty.
  • As in all sporting activities, there is the element of physical risk.  WhirlyBall is no exception.  You play at your own risk.


Safety Rules

  1. No running permitted on the court or in the common area.
  2. No admittance to the court without WhirlyBall staff supervision.
  3. Keep one hand on the steering column at all times.
  4. Seat belt must be remained fastened at all times.
  5. No play allowed on the court unless from operating WhirlyBug.
  6. Do not use hands to pick up the ball from the court floor.
  7. Do not use hands or feet to push off wall, bumper, or other WhirlyBug.
  8. Ramming from behind will not be tolerated and player will be ejected from the court.
  9. Do not bump another player while they are scooping up the whiffle ball from the court.
  10. Do not drive full speed into the wall, remove foot accelerator pedal and turn to minimize impact.
  11. No eating, drinking, or smoking on the court.



People with the following conditions are not permitted to play

  • Under 54’ in height
  • Cardiac disease, pacemakers
  • Intoxication
  • Pregnant Women

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