WhirlyBall Car
WhirlyBall Car
Located inside PowerPlay Entertainment Center South

WhirlyBall Equipment


This is an official WhirlyBug™.  Molded from secret ingredients and futuristic engineering, this innocent looking vehicle will propel you at speeds upwards of three… maybe four miles an hour! Now, granted that may not sound fast, but you are on an enclosed basketball sized court with nine other cars like this.  The key is a special steering mechanism which allows you to turn in any direction at any time, anywhere.  A word of advice… BUCKLE UP!  It’s not only required, but it’s a major penalty if you take your seat belt off while on the court.



The only piece of equipment you need to begin playing WhirlyBall is a plastic device called a ‘scoop’.  All WhirlyBall centers provide regularly maintained scoops before you begin to play.  The scoops hang on a rack inside the playing court.  If you bring your own scoop, please have a staff member examine the scoop to make sure it’s up to the Whirly specifications.



The whiffle ball is a softball sized plastic ball with holes that used during the course of the game to score your points.  The referee has control of the Whiffle balls.  Only one whiffle ball is allowed on the court at any given time.



A 50’x 80’ totally enclosed court with a backboard at either end and an electronic court.












There are two backboards on the court; one red and one yellow.  The players in the yellow bumper cars shoot for the yellow backboard, and the players in the red bumper cars shoot for the red backboard.  Two points are awarded when you hit the net in the center of the backboard.



For keeping score.

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