WhirlyBall Car
WhirlyBall Car
Located inside PowerPlay Entertainment Center South

WhirlyBall Kansas City

 It’s a Whirly thing… you wouldn’t understand (unless you play!)

WhirlyBall is the ultimate team sport. If you choose to accept the challenge, WhirlyBall involves normally sane people using a plastic scoop to pass and propel a whiffle ball to a backboard to score…. all while driving an
electronically powered machine called a Whirlybug that looks like a bumper car, but drives differently with twice the power. Young and old, male and female, jock and not so jock can play and EVERYONE loves it! Groups in size from 10 people to 2000, in a teams of five on five, and with the help of a professional referee, will have a bang up time trying to outscore the competition.  Up to 60 people per hour can play.

Some call it a sport. Others call it a lesson in humility.

Perfect for any event! Whirlyball KC is located inside PowerPlay Entertainment Center in Shawnee, Kansas.

1 hour of court rental is just $160 plus tax. 

Reservations Required. Call 913-268-4FUN (4386) or email reservations@powerplaykc.com to reserve your court time today.

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